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In 2004 Simpson Building Contractors Ltd achieved the status as one of the first General Contractors ( founded in New Brunswick and without automatic tranfer from NS) to successfully meet all requirements of the new NBCSA safety audit recongnition Program.
Our Philosophy

Safety can not be categorised as an activity in which one participates or as a department or task. Safety is very simply an attitude amongst a workforce. Safety is a frame of mind. It is a constant awareness of one's environment and actions; knowing what is harmful and dangerous; knowing how to protect against injury or harm. To do this does not require genius, a Ph. D, or even a title or rank. All it requires is intelligence and a reasonable amount of native ability to see, to hear, to smell and to think. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Our Commitment

At Simpson, our commitment to safety is a key part of our business and has helped develop our reputation as a leader in construction safety. We have developed a comprehensive safety program and we work diligently to ensure that our job-sites are safe working environments.

We firmly believe in, and are committed to, a safety program which requires that our operations be carried out in a manner which ensures the safety and health of all.

We understand that our clients are concerned about safety on their sites, and we go to great lengths to ensure that their job-sites are safe. At Simpson, we feel that safety is an integral part of the construction process, not an added feature or chore.

Our Safety Program

Our safety program is composed of several components derived directly from the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association's Safety Audit program. Briefly, these components include:
  • written health and safety policy
  • company safety officer
  • site safety representatives
  • trained first aider on every site
  • site hazard assessments
  • written safe work practices and job procedures
  • written safety rules
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • (PPE) policy
  • regular site safety inspections
  • violation reports
  • WHMIS training & MSDS
  • environmental and waste management
  • site emergency response plan
  • equipment maintenance policy
  • personnel training policy
  • incident investigations
  • worker orientations
  • regular tool box safety meetings
  • subcontractor pre-construction requirements
  • annual management operations meeting
  • and many more...

"We are dedicated to providing the safest possible work environment for all facets and operations which are part of and associated with Simpson Building Contractors projects and areas of employ"