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What is a Design-Build Project?

In the design-build approach, the owner contracts with a General Contractor to provide both design and construction services. It is often called a TURN-KEY contract, Whereby the owner has a single point of contact as opposed to multiple.
The design-build approach replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and for construction. On a design-build job the contractor selects and hires the design team and coordinates the entire design and construction process, including program development, budgeting, schematic design, design development, contract document preparation, scheduling, construction and commissioning. The owner, contractor, and architect/engineer work as a TEAM to design and build a project that satisfies the needs of the owner. The TEAM approach eliminates the tendency to blame the other guy if a discrepancy occurs. Team members focus on solving problems rather than placing blame.
Design-Build lets you have much more hands-on control over your project with your priorities driving the scope of the job. This single source solution works well for clients who do not have the available time for multiple points of contact.
Why Should You Consider Design-Build by Simpson Building Contractors?
  • A price is put on conceptual design ideas as they are developed, giving the owner more flexibility in terms of costs.
  • The owner attends the design meetings and plays the same role for design of the building as they would for traditional hard tender construction.
  • A GUARANTEED MAXIMUM PRICE can be determined early, right after the scope of the project is established.
  • Time can be saved because construction can begin before the design is completed.
  • The need for high cost change orders is eliminated.
  • Architectural and engineering fees are kept to a minimum, and determined from the beginning.
  • Contractor fees are kept to a minimum, and determined from the beginning.
  • Legal fees are kept to a minimum by eliminating the adversary roles.
  • Construction costs are minimized by using the latest systems and methods that the contractor KNOWS are cost effective.
  • Chances for misunderstandings are minimized with the team approach.
  • You get the best ideas from your team members due to the cooperative spirit.
  • Realistic completion dates are established by the contractor who will do the work.
  • Single source responsibility by the contractor drops the owner's risk dramatically and ensures clearer communication among parties
  • The contractor can identify potential troublespots on a blueprint or site plan which may prove impractical, far too costly, or out of the local building code compliance.