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We at Simpson truly believe in the saying “A company is only as good as it’s people”. We are a top quality professional contractor and only hire top quality professional employees. Employees are carefully selected based on several areas including construction experience, training, education, compatibility, and motivation.

Simpson's major asset is its employees. Simpson is committed to the team approach and has built a customer focused organization consisting of 15 office and management employees, and a close relationship with it's subcontractors for up to 60 construction site employees, such as labourers, carpenters and equipment operators (varies depending on season and work volume).
Simpson's leadership team consists of several Technical School Graduates, Gold Seal Certificate Holders, Gold Seal Interns, Civil Engineer Graduates, and many years of construction experience. Many of the employees have been with the company for years. They are skilled, dedicated and keep up with industry changes and interrelate well as a team. They undergo scheduled training in a continual effort to improve and educate to new processes and improvements. Good ideas and higher productivity are rewarded accordingly.

Simpson's valued and content employees ensure that projects run smoothly with a minimum of problems and yield satisfied clients.