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Tilt-Up Construction


Tilt up concrete is a relatively new venture for Simpson. Although the process is not a new construction method, it has not reached its potential in the New Brunswick regime. Due to the great economies and advantages of Tilt up construction where feasible, Simpson is eagerly entering into this new venture to offer their customers an alternative for cost reduction and higher quality/longer life buildings. Tilt up has a strong presence in Nova Scotia and has been widely used for many years in the United States.

Some advantages of Tilt-Up are:
  • Economy. In areas where tilt-up design and construction expertise is available, tilt-up has been proven to be more economical than competing construction methods for similar types of buildings.
  • Speed of Construction. From the time the floor slab is placed, the typical elapsed time from starting to form the panels until the building shell is completed is 4--5 weeks.
  • Durability. Tilt up is not a new form of construction. Tilt up structures have been around for 60+ years and many still maintain their original appeal.
  • Fire Resistance. Concrete is an obvious first choice for fire resistance. A 6-1/2" (165 mm) thick wall, for example, has a four-hour fire resistive rating.
  • Low Maintenance Costs. The durability of concrete and concrete based coatings allows for a long life of little maintenance while maintaining the look of a new structure.
  • Lower Insurance Rates. The fire resistance of tilt-up concrete walls results in lower premiums.
  • Architectural Attractiveness. Various innovations and available coatings can create some of the most attractive modern structures.
  • Low Heating/Cooling Costs. The insulation value for tilt-up concrete often exceeds masonry and wood frame construction. Tilt-up walls can be economically insulated to give higher insulation values.
  • Security. Concrete construction prevents forced entry through walls. Entry can only be made through door and window openings.
  • Value Appreciation. The increased durability of concrete construction gives a building a longer expected life which results in a more desirable investment.